Will we use data to innovate?

Kim Lantto
2 min readJan 11, 2021


For years and months now a team and i have been working on getting open data to be useful and re-used. Why? Simply because there is potential on creating meaningful service for citizens of a city or country. Take that official data that a city collects, refine and analyze. If shared openly following standards such as Dcat-ap the potential that citizens and companies could get from it is astounding. And a city official whom works in helping different departments within the city to digitize their processes will finally be able to provide the services that a city should. Because let´s face it. A city wont have the money or the manpower to create all the services a citizen needs during their lifetime. All services form the cradle to the grave is in some percentage created and maintained by the city you live in. What if all these service were to be moved from filling in paper forms to a digital service made accessible via a smartphone or a tablet. How much time and headache would that save you? Services like signing up kids for school or daycare or after school activities. Applying for an elderly care home for you parents. Booking a care share service for elderly to go on trips that the city provides. Some one could create a bike app for every cities bike lanes pump stations share rides scenic routes bets coffee spots along the way. Some one could analyze public spending and see where a city could save money if they cut down on somethings or spent the money on a different vendor that charges less or gives better service. These are just some ideas and services a city could and should provide but might not be able to build because of not enough funding in digitizing basic services.

In Europe a lot of countries have provided data from city officials. https://data.europa.eu/euodp/en/home The European data portal is a great source for finding data.

How is it in your city? What dataset did you find interesting? What dataset do you find missing? What service is on your top 5 list? What about open source code? Does your city have a github page with open source code?

There is so much data and code that could be useful to you and your company to create innovative ideas that benefit you and your city. How are you taking advantage of it?

Other great sources are:

Hi! my name is Kim Lantto and i work for the City of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Our data can be found on: www.goteborg.se/psidata and our open source code can be found on: www.github.com/GoteborgsStad
If you are looking for a great circular economy application made by citizens for citizens please check out: www.smartakartan.se/en it is being shared on Github as well.
Please comment and connect with your thoughts. Cheers! / Kim
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Kim Lantto

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